Monday, September 26, 2005

Labor Day Reunion & Latest Infatuation

Well, we hosted our 13th (I think) Labor Day reunion for Mary's Mulholland clan, and, as always we had a great time. This is a good crew to have as guests. We usually have 20-25 folks, but they respect our home, pretty much clean up after themselves, and pretty much entertain themselves. That's good for me because instead of feeling I have to be host all the time, I can pick a few opportunities to pitch in and otherwise do as I please. This year I braised 3 pork shoulders and made pulled pork sandwiches which everyone loved, and so did I if I do say so myself. I made dinner on Sunday too, but I can't remember what!

One of the nicest things this year was having some of our young family members join us for all weekend. Claire was back from MSU, Chuck Nelson was up from Detroit, and Janna Tyler was in from LA. I just thought it was very nice, with all the options these young people have, that they chose to spend the time with us. Oh yeah, I made mexican food on Sunday -- enchiladas with mole, rice and beans, and a terrific mango-nectarine salsa that was a hit.

Now on to my latest infatuation. I've decided the little 13 ft planing dinghy I bought last year is just too small a sailboat for me at this age. So now I'm looking at a Sea Pearl 21 -- see . This is a really cool little cruiser with leeboards and cat rigged as a ketch. It draws only 5", but you can add 400# of water ballast into 2 tanks along the bottom. So I'm looking for a good used one. The best I've found so far is in Nashua, NH which is quite a haul but I'm trying to keep myself from hopping in the car with a check. We'll see........