Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Claire's Off to College

Major milestone for us all -- Mary, Kelly & I all took Claire down to James Madison College ( at MSU last week to move her into her dorm. For those of you inclined to write, thats 665 Case Hall, East Lansing, MI, XXXXX, and Claire would like to get mail. You get a 20 minute parking pass to unload, and that meant two trips up the elevator for us, even with my wheeled cart. She will likely do well with her roommate Andrea -- they had a loft installed to get their beds off the floor and make more room, and put a carpet down. Modern dorm life includes a refrigerator, microwave, water filter, TV, DVD, latptops with 811.g wireless network, I-Pods with speakers, and on and on.
How did I feel as a parent? Well, I dropped something off in Claire's room after she, Kelly, and Mary had gone down to the cafeteria to eat, so I went down the stairs instead of the crowded elevator. I was behind another couple that had just dropped their daughter off, and the Dad said "Well, she's in!" (the dorm). Without missing a beat, the Mom said "Well, she's out!" (of the house). That pretty much sums up the ambivalence I feel. I miss her terribly, but know she's 90% ready to be out on her own. She'll learn a tremendous amount in the coming year, both academically and as an adult in this world of ours.
I've been resisting the urge to call her a bit, and happily, she's called me several times, and not just for money! I think she misses her family and home a bit, and that's good I guess. I know I value every minute we talk about not much of anything too important. Email is also an interesting way to communicate with her -- I try to update her on doings up here along with the "college business" we need to conduct. It's interesting to watch her gradually take on adult responsibilities like properly applying her tuitions and learning to run a checkbook, debit card, and credit card!


Blogger Mermaldad said...

Congratulations on crossing one of the great thresholds of parental life! My own are still three and five years away, but that seems so short compared to how far they've come.

We watched last weekend as the neighbors delivered each of the twins to their respective schools.

2:16 PM  
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