Thursday, July 14, 2005

Parent Orientation

I've just returned from the past two days with Claire & Mary at MSU orientation for Claire, and it was really impressive. There are so many more resources for students to succeed than when I was in school. I even liked the food they gave us for lunch. I was glad I attended because it reinforced what I already had guessed -- that this is a major step in Claire's growing up. She is so ready for college, and I was so impressed with what I saw and heard in orientation that I'm completely comfortable dropping her off there on 24 Aug to begin this new phase. I think she was ready to stay there today. Driving home, we could tell she was really thrilled with her decision to attend James Madison College, where she intends to major in Social Relations and a secondary interest in the STEP program, which I think stands for Science, Technology, Environment and P??. Her first year of classes sounds just amazing. It was quite a couple of days.


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